If you want to have your best possible skin for life, Join us early, get on a good skin care regime, and follow it. First impressions count.  Your facial skin appearance should be a priority.

    Age as a factor. Unless they have oily skin and breakouts, younger people can usually get facials less frequently because their skin naturally generates new cell growth faster. When you're young, your biggest priority is to be on a good skin-care regime, to keep the skin clear of blackheads, and to have a strategy to deal with breakouts.

    As you age, you may visit more often and spend more on regularly scheduled treatments.  The pollution in the city environment makes your skin dirtier. If you're prone to blackheads, you might need to be rigorous about your once-a-month schedule instead of stretching it out to six weeks.

Facial Purifying.jpg
Purifying Facial

Purifying Facial Healing & balancing skin treatment. This treatment is especially suited for teenagers and men who suffer from ingrown hairs or breakouts. Cleansing & toning of skin, with a deep cleansing action. This highly effective Purifying Treatment is antiseptic and very soothing. With a purifying, yet nourishing masque the skin is left hydrated, never irritated.

Facial Bio Collagen Treatment.jpg
Bio Collagen Facial

Bio Collagen Treatment This facial has been designed to reduce the signs of ageing, and also improve the skins ability to retain moisture. After treatment wrinkle depth can be reduced. Suits dry, sensitive, wrinkle prone skin.

Facial PhytoStemCell Lifting Treatment.j
Phyto Stem Cell Lifting

Phyto Stem Cell which can work as anti-aging on the human skin .Helping to re-activate skin cells that has been damaged by the bad effects of the skin aging process, sun exposure and UV rays, and other external factors. This form of facial also help the skin cells and not to be damage so that they can extend the age of skin cells, and maintain the activities to remain in a normal condition without any damage to DNA in the skin".

Facial Enzyme Whitening Treatment.jpg
Enzyme Whitening

Enzyme Whitening Treatment Stimulate cell to carry out activities such as oxygenation and transport of nutrients through penetration, absorption, diffusion and regulating body fluid. By regulating the renewal of cells, it improves rough and aging skin, lightening spots, even skin tone, presenting a deep whitened and velvet soft skin.

Diamond Peel Facial Treatment.jpg
Diamond Peel Facial

Diamond Peel This method of facial exfoliates your skin by using multi-degree diamond tipped wand through continuous scrubbing and "vacuum" the top-most layer of the skin. It helps to improve uneven skin coloring and aging spots, superficial acne scars, sun-damaged skin and aging fine lines, dry rough skin and large pores


Facial RF Treatment.jpg
RF Treatment

Radiofrequency(RF) treatment offers an effective and comfortable way to achieve facial skin tightening and wrinkle reduction. After a course of treatments you can enjoy tighter, younger looking skin with improved skin tone, texture and elasticity. It will also reduce stubborn fat deposits around the face and neck.

Facial Hydro Treatment.jpg
Hydro Treatment

This treatment offers the ultimate moisture surge for dehydrated skin types. Excellent treatment to provide a lasting radiance and never over-nourishes the skin. For quenching your skin’s thirst during warm hot months.

facial EGF Cell Renewal Treatment.jpg
EGF Cell Renewal

Specially formulated with Amino Acids that increases the Cell Growth renewal Process, enhances metabolic stimulation and cell revitalizing for tissue healing. It also helps regenerate Collagen Synthesis and increases natural moisturizing factor of skin. Moisturizing, slows down process of ageing, cell renewal, whitening, anti-wrinkles

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