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Provide The Best Facial Treatment in Singapore

V-Shape Oxy Facial 
Vacuum your way out to remove impurities on your face.
Good blood circulation is important and draining on lymphatic nodes to getting better oxygen supply for your face

Christian Breton Eye Treatment

Christian Breton Paris has created specific eye treatments to suit your needs. Find the perfect product for your beauty concern: dark circles, under-eye bags, tired eyes, wrinkles.

Value Facial 
No gimmicks and you will receive and truly enjoy a fresh new feel on your face. With full satisfaction after every session, we will even give you a welcome gift as you become a new member of our Maskabeauty clientele.

Skeyndor Power-C

Radiant skin in 28 Days

86% Radiant Increase

77% Uniform skin


Cleansing Tonification and Exfoliation

Pure Skin Concentrated

Pomegranate Concentrated

Aloe Vera Mask

Energizing Cream

Skeyndor Power Hyaluronic

100% ultra moisturising

Provides 24hrs of continuous hydration

Improves appearances of wrinkles cause by dehydration

Enhances the benefits of daily moisturizing cream

Improves the appearances of the cutaneous micro-relief

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