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Vacuum to a Glowing 

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We are excited to share our facial service for the pleasure of pampering you with our latest technique HydroV Jetspray

Best Facial Treatment in Singapore

Your Facial experience HydroV JetSpray truly cleanse direct remover of facial skin impurities. Nothing beats That Refreshing Feeling of a totally clean and bright face.

Deep Cleansing extracts oil, whiteheads, blackheads and pimples from clogged pores WITHOUT the use of NEEDLES at all. Easily and painlessly done with our VFacial Vacuum cleansing technique. Not to worry, the procedure is completely pain-free and definitely effective!

Our VFacial Ultrasonic high frequency facial
technology is used to penetrate deep below the skin surface, promoting cellular renewal and repair, increasing blood circulation, encouraging lymphatic drainage, combating puffiness and swelling to improve skin texture. The gentle touch from our skilled beauticians will tone your skin with our professionally selected facial serum to meet your needs and leaves you with a mesmerizing experience .

Our soft facial VOxy Mask, bring  clean air to your facial. Cleaned air pumps to improves skin textures with you drifting to dreamland surrounded by light music in our Maskabeauty salon.

Our professionalism is guaranteed! Call now at 6453-1076 today for appointment.

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